Muskoka Chair vs Adirondack Chair – What’s the difference?

Posted by Andrew Bulloch on Thursday, June 4th, 2015 at 12:00pm.

muskoka chair

The Adirondack chair known as the Muskoka chair in Canada is a chair made of wood used on porches, deck, docks or out on the old lawn. It was originally made with 11 flat boards, a straight back, seat and wide armrests.

The Adirondack chair originally built by Thomas Lee in Westport, New York (1903), which lies in the Adirondack Mountains. Thomas came up with the design for his summer home in the Adirondacks for seating for his family. His first design was called the ‘Westport plank chair’. Thomas offered the design to a friend (Harry Bunnell) who saw the potential in selling this design to the greater Westport summer residents. The first commercial Westport chairs were manufactured in hemlock plank – painted in green or medium dark brown. He signed every chair sold.

There is no real difference in an Adirondack chair or a Muskoka chair – the design fluctuates from carpenter to carpenter. The major difference you will see from a Muskoka chair to an Adirondack chair is in the height of the backrest and the lower seat on Muskoka chairs.

Guess what.. Adirondacks and Muskoka we share the same style in seating for looking out on that amazing waterfront.

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