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Arrange a mortgage

Money makes the world go round, and a mortgage gives you the power to buy your dream Muskoka cottage or home. This isn’t the most fun step in buying a cottage or home, but it’s vital.

Who do you talk to?

There are hundreds of banks, credit unions and other lenders out there who would love your monthly mortgage payments. So talk to everybody and don’t be money-shy! Talk to your banker, other banks and people you know. Andrew Bulloch can be very knowledgeable about mortgages and have lots of good advice.

Call a mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers are another great resource. They find low rates for a living, and they usually don’t get paid unless you sign a mortgage through them, so they’re highly motivated to get you…

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Originally published in COLLECTIONS by Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage. The Toronto Urban Roots Festival plays this weekend at Fort York’s Garrison Common.

The summer music season is now underway and the Greater Toronto Area continues to impress with a range of offerings that should satisfy most musical tastes. Want traditional jazz with marquee headliners? The TD Jazz Festival has that covered. A little too pricey? Then check out the free multi-week program of the Beaches Jazz Festival. Prefer greater variety with a little art, film and comedy mixed in for good measure? There’s always NXNE… unless you prefer music with a social message? In that case, the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic might hit the spot. And,…

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Lighting innovation is changing the way we perceive visual space and our surrounding environments, with Lake Of Bays cottages being completely transformed by the use of fixtures and lamps and their bulbs. Because conventional forms of illumination like incandescents have evolved over time to halogen, compact fluorescent, and now to light emitting diode (LED) bulb replacements, manufacturers are steadily producing and introducing LED integrated products, and the future of innovation is firmly pointing towards the LED.

The reason LED bulbs are popular, is because they provide greater lighting flexibility — wall colours and the appearance of furnishings can be altered by the varying selection of light bulbs available — while providing substantial…

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Before you start looking for your dream cottage or home in Muskoka, let’s find out how big you can dream. Knowing your true budget is the first and most important step in buying a home.

A cottage or home is a big purchase
It’s probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, and there are lots of expenses you might not even know about. Some of them include:

Cost of buying a home =    One Time Costs Monthly Costs

One Time Costs
Down payment Legal fees Title insurance Inspection fees Property Transfer Taxes
Monthly Costs
Mortgage Utilities Maintenance Insurance Property taxes

Everybody’s total costs are different, but it’s almost guaranteed you won’t have that much money saved up. Hopefully you have enough for a nice down payment, but for…

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It’s been warm and humid to start September in Lake Of Bays and Muskoka, but fear not fall is coming. With fall comes fun times at fall fairs around Muskoka. Here’s a breakdown of fair dates and locations for that end of year visit to your Lake Of Bays cottage.

Bonfield – August 15, 16 – 125th Anniversary
Dunchurch – August 21, 22
Trout Creek – August 21, 22, 23
Emsdale – August 29
Rosseau – August 29 – 140th Annual
Foley – September 4, 5
Magnetawan – September 4, 5, 6
Powassan – September 5, 6 – 120th Annual
Burks Falls – September 7
McKellar – September 12
South River – September 11, 12
Stisted – September 12 – 130th Annual
Severn Bridge – September 12 – 142nd Annual
Bracebridge – September 18, 19, 20 – 148th Annual
Sundridge (Strong) –…

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We reviewed in “Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? -Part 2” your needs required of your new cottage or home in Lake Of Bays purchase. Part of the process of buying a new cottage or home also may require selling your previous residence. Let’s review how Andrew Bulloch can help with this stage.

Sell your current cottage or home
Not very many people can hold onto two homes at the same time, so you’ll probably need to sell the one you have now. Be sure to check our incredibly helpful posts on how Andrew Bulloch can help you sell your cottage or home in Lake Of Byas. In the meantime, here’s a quick overview.

Part 1: Selling your cottage or home in Lake Of Bays? Andrew can help!
Part 2: Selling your Lake Of Bays cottage or home? Andrew…

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Decide what you want to buy
Nowadays, there are many different types of cottage/home in Lake Of Bays h to choose from. And there are pros and cons to each. Take a minute to reflect on your lifestyle and based on that, decide what best fits you. To help, we’ve broken down the most popular housing options here.

Decide what type of cottage/home in Lake Of Bays you want
By now, you probably have a good idea of what type of cottage/home in Lake Of Bays is right for you. To familiarize yourself with the terminology, here’s a quick overview:

Single-family detached:
As the name implies, the cottage/home in Lake Of Bays is not attached to the cottage/home in Lake Of Bays next door. Styles range from a single-story suburban bungalow, to a three-story…

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